I was a little bit trepidatious with the inks on this page…could have used more black.  Oh and, dang!  I totally intended to get SugarKane a more period appropriate flapper dress as opposed to that peach number but I just never got around to it.  When I send it to the printer I’ll try to adjust it (more on SugarKane next week).  We’re on our way to meet Blind Willie and visit his Juke Joint…a place of unusual powers.  If one were to view the work as a whole, we are heading into “part 2” at this point, the general plot and main characters having been introduced.  Now…an adventure!  The Enchanted Dagger isn’t the most “action packed” comic, in case you hadn’t noticed, but one of the fun parts his starting g up…and is going to carry on for the next 22 pages!  exciting!