Special shout out to my friend Camille, who graciously modeled for my Torchy Brown depiction.  I hope it did justice to the Jackie Ormes original.  I’m posting this page again without any photoshop touch ups to give you an idea of what the state of the art was when I was finishing up issue #3.

This will really be accentuated next week when I post the first page of a short comic story I made in 2013 called “Moon Man,” my first stab at using golden age comic book characters to make comic stories.  I had been tooling around with Adobe Illustrator and my Intuos 3 tablet for about a year when I made this 8 pager, and I think you’ll be able to see right away what difference a few years of practice will make.

I’m going to post the Moon Man story over the next couple months to give my self a chance to finish up the creative quagmire that is EDag #4!  I’ll have plenty to say about the ups and downs of this most middling of issues… don’t get the wrong idea…it’s a fun one!  I’ve only got a few pages to go…so don’t worry, we’ll have pages posting uninterrupted for a ways now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed The Enchanted Dagger #3!