When Trump got in the race, most people were like, “yeah, right.  Donald Trump?”  But I was all, “Yo!  I’ve been making a comic book about a guy just like this!”  Something to that effect.  In any case I was greatly torn by my personal satisfaction that my theory about America’s divisive political atmosphere leading to authoritarianism was spot on (Hurray! I was right!) and the Trumpian reality.  Now I would have the specter of an Emergent Trump  shadowing me.  I might have jumped ship on the project but decided to stick with it….it was, after all, supposed to be something about American id and Trump is nothing if not a manifestation of that!

Long story short,  I gave Kalthar Trump hair.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that and have reserved the right to reshape it a little in the future, but mostly I think it works out as a reference as the tale unfolds.  Really, its only apparent on these two pages, I think.  I kind of feel that its not fair to Kalthar to double as a visual concession, but that’s the magic of comic books!