And now on to more insidious social ills!  Today’s subject of misery….sexual abuse in the Catholic Church! (Greg’s head explodes)….  I have not forgiven my church yet for its social disease.  They say that changes in government happen every 100 years, and changes in religion happen every 1000 years.  As far as I’m concerned this is a generation of change for my church, 2000 years after the time of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Voodoo is another Golden Age character.  Evidently Dr. Voodoo’s legal status as a public domain character is a bit precarious!  It seems that his original publishers characters were, in fact, renewed at some point and purchased by Warner Brothers, the distributor of Wonder Woman & The Lego Movie.  Two movies, incidentally, produced by Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary Of Donald Trump!  Ironic.  Long story short there may be some “adjustments” to Dr. Vodun’s appearance… Those weird hair horns might turn into goat horns, people.