Okay…I know what you’re thinking.  No Fair, Greg!  You can’t put up an “interior back cover” page and count it as a post!  A “back cover”, maybe…but interior back cover is a rip off!  I’m a little unsettled by it.  Does this have some darker, foreboding implications?

Alas, dear reader, it does.   With the end of issue 2, the sun will set on these halcyon days of two pages a week.  As we begin issue 3 we will degenerate to posting one measly page a week.  This is mostly due to the snails pace that I’m currently working at.  My recent pages are turning out well but I’m sacrificing speed for detail.  I want to make sure I can get through as much of The Enchanted Dagger without going on a major hiatus.  So my back log of about a years worth of pages (issue 3 is 32 pages!) should give me time to keep ahead.  It’ll also let me work on some other projects!

On the bright side, The Enchanted Dagger #1 is now an official printed comic book!  The first small batch print of 100 books arrived this week and they look great!  I’ll set up a “store” so folks can pick up a copy.  It really does benefit from having it all saddle stiched together.

So, next week will be the last Tuesday/Friday post.  Starting with issue 3 we’ll just stick to Tuesdays (interior cover pages excluded).