I shouldn’t say the Mr. Cherry & Mr. Pince are rip offs of Misters Wint and Kidd, that’s over stating it.   Inspired by, is what I mean.  They’re actually closer in behavior to me and my old pal from the pool hall, Al.  For a few years there me and Al would hang out at the pool hall at 1 in the morning a few nights a week and shoot.  Al was a pretty good pool player and he had a preternatural ability to hone in on people who could get him weed but he could really get under my skin.  For most of the time I knew him all he ever talked about was how he wanted to change his name.  To Al.  He wanted to change his name to Al.  He had this long list of reasons and every time I’d pick him up he would start in on his whole dumb list of reasons that he wanted to change it.  It used to drive me crazy.  I used to tell him that he was more of an Alan.  Once we were hang out at the bar and he ordered a cheeseburger.    For whatever reason the kitchen made two cheeseburgers so the bartender asked if I wanted it.  I said sure, get me a container I’ll take it with me and I’ll eat it when I get home.  I think I said something like “how ya like that, Alan, free cheeseburger!”  So Al, face stuffed with his own stupid cheeseburger reaches over, grabs the cheeseburger and pegs it against the wall!  I started yelling at him for being such a creep and I tell him to walk home and then I ditched him.  Mostly he was a good friend though.  He ended up moving to Nebraska to study actuarial science.  Now I just drink.