I had originally intended to make the Enchanted Dagger a one off, 12 page short story focusing on my  thesis that political discord would lead America to crypto-fascist authoritarianism with Roger Chalmers and his magic knife representing the Charismatic Leader.  But I had such a fun time thinking about it I very quickly had enough for a whole issue and then before I knew it I had enough ideas for a whole Graphic Novel.  So I decided to keep going with it.  I’m not sure when Woolsey and Stillface showed up in my thinking, exactly, but it all came together fast.  I had some threads of the story in place, characters and settings, from a brainstorming that I had done a month earlier, but within a week of discover Roger Chalmers’ Golden Age adventures, the first 12 pages were written.  That was the end of October, 2014.