Alrighty then, here is page 5, a couple days late.  I think I had planned on redoing the lettering, but I kept it as is.  You might recognize some of the wall paper from EDag.  I reused it.  I wrote this one before I found “Great City” as a central location of  my mashup universe but I think this story does take place there.

Heres my page holder, Sleepy big face and the original post text.




Whoops!  Betwween 6 days a week in the 90degree heat, Memorial Day and my niece’s flute recital, I’m behind on my weekly page touch ups.  Don’t worry… I’ll try to have it up by Thursday, at which point I’ll just have to add my big weird Sleepy head to these notes….

Production on EDag #5 is at a stand still at the moment but that’s to be expected…I’m about 2/3 of the way done with it so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to finish it by its start date.  Mostly.