I quickly happened on the notion that the Irreal mash-up universe would be a degree more menacing than any of the original Golden Age tales of wrestlers moonlighting as superheroes and their teenage companions, a natural reaction, I think.  The implication that the friendship between Bob and Sleepy may be a bit untoward seemed immediately obvious to me.  I also felt that the Irreal Golden Age could be an innocuous context to reflect on the social issues of our day, as they undoubtedly have their roots in that bygone era, something I bang about a lot in The Enchanted Dagger.

I think I stole the Space Adventurer panel from Flash Gordon….

As you can see, the art was still very raw.  I’d have loved to give a sharper rendering, something I might have done had I been working with good old-fashioned pens and inks and nibs and brushes.  I still hadn’t gotten the hang of making word balloons on the computer…you can see how wobbly they are.

I’ll take this opportunity to apologize again for all the spelling and grammatical errors throughout these works!  I know I’ve mentioned that before….