So there you have it.  It all wraps up nicely.  Some of the writing was a little under cooked, I think, and I wish I’d been more patient with the artwork.  I remember feeling technologically challenged while making it.  In fact, today’s page was the one that I quit with the illustrator calligraphic brush and switched to vector inks.  That solved a lot of problems…no more file issues….

For all it’s short comings I think it qualifies as a Tales of the Irreal proof of concept..

I ‘ve always liked the Moon Man story as a back up story if I were to print up a few copies.

With that, we’re on to The Enchanted Dagger #5, back to our regular broadcast.  I’m mostly done with #5, so it should post regularly without issue.  I may go visit my grandmother this month, so there may be a page delay.