This page and the one following it were two of my favorites from the story.  Again, the art is pretty haphazard.  This is actually the first time I’ve redone an entire a panel for the story.  The Green Giant reveal I had drawn was so lousy I couldn’t let myself leave it alone.  It also occurred to me that it would be the perfect place to reference the “Green Giant corporate cartoon character”.  As I discovered, there have been a number of incarnations of the Green Giant and it had been a brand for over a decade when the single Golden Age Green Giant comic was made.  The designs often reflect the eras in which they were made.



I’m not sure what that gesture he’s making in 1948.  1960 would also make a good comic book Green Giant model, I think.  I like the different color text boxes on these pages.  I don’t use that approach anywhere else, to date.  Even still, I think the art on this page is overall pretty shabby and it makes me want to redo the whole darn comic, which I’ll probably never do.  On to new stuff, yes?