I had pretty much hit the wall in the art making process at this point and things were getting pretty scratchy…some of this is pretty terrible!  I would rally a bit in the third act and get things back on track, but next weeks page is a real doozy.  I feel like I’m in a similar place now.  Although I’m producing pages that work for the most part, my technic is holding me back from where i think things need to go, creatively.  It’s mostly a concern I need to address for future projects, so I keep working while also feeling like I’m procrastinating about figuring out something important.  Just the same, Issue #5 is trudging along…..

I should note that Owl Queen Callista, whose resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental, was a character concept suggested by that comics booster who got me on the Golden Age track and then disappeared.  So I do want to give him a shout out with actually mentioning him.  Of course, its not like Callista being the Queen of the Owls isn’t common Knowledge.