I was using the calligraphic brushes for the inks but for the coloring I think I had just started figuring out the pencil tool.  For months I had toiled away at Angry Centurion, my task was that much harder because I had been using the “pen” tool with which you can create a vector shape point by point.  This was an arduous process and looking back on it I feel like a bit of a dummy for not figuring our that the “pencil” tool allows you to draw a shape of color much faster.

The pencil tool is what I’ve been using to color the EDag.  My process is similar to my early efforts at comic making when I’d use water colors to color my pages.  I set my pen tool transparency to 10% or so and put down layer after layer of thin color, just like with the water color.  Before much longer i’m going to feel like a dummy for not switching over to photoshop for my coloring sooner, but in the interest of consistency I continue with my dumb old method.