Okay, one more Purple Hairy Man pinup before we move on to Kalthar next week.  Sorry you’ll have to turn your screen sideways to enjoy it, haha.  Here is another riff on my old PHM vs Rhinoman from way back, Rhinoman being replaced here by Megacerops.  I really liked how Megacerops turned out… PHM’s look is still in development.  His musculature was acceptably dynamic, but when I drew in the fur I think he looked a little awkward…  I’m thinking more about how to draw the “profile” for all that hair.  Back in the day PHM was hairy in a typical comic book furriness sort of way as opposed to a Chewbacca the Wookie sort of way.  But for these early drawings (and for at least one adventure in Meet the Purple Hairy Man, also developing) I wanted to give him a hairier look, something closer to one of those Ghillie Camouflage suits that hunters and snipers wear.  PHM does wear clothes, but I think this look could make for some dynamic comic book art.  Hopefully I can muster them into being!  So, there are still things to figure out, but I was generally pleased with how these two new PHM drawings turned out (the proportions of last weeks drawing really bother me but oh well….it’s really about the hair, yes?).

Meanwhile, I’m storyboarding some new projects.  It’s getting there but slowly.  I’m cutting that with some touch up work for Issue 4, which I’d like to get printed soon.  My process was getting a little bit tighter when I was working on Issue 4, so there isn’t quite as much to fix up… but still plenty to drag my feet on.

Next time:  Kalthar!