Pious’ transition for painter to draftsman/inker made for some janky compositions and markings, but then he’ll get one right like the one of Kalthar hanging from the tree branch.  I do appreciate how he tried to use the overlay of the printer inks, even though they don’t always come across.  Perhaps his experience working for the newspaper printer emboldened him.  This was before the use of Ben-Day dots and what not…. they were just slapping it on there.

I haven been doing much work lately…its that time of year and I’ve also been working on this nerf blaster modification.  Nerf Blasters became my quarantine hobby, enabled by my 5 nephews.   Also of interest I discovered a cache of 2000AD magazine from the 80s and early 90s at a used book store.  I loved 2000AD…Judge Dredd, Rouge Trooper, Strontium Dog…. we got some reprints printed at American comic book size back in the day.  They were hard to come by.  I’ll tell my Rouge Trooper story some other time.

I’m mentioning it because its so impressive to see the stories printed in black and white…just the inks… as Best of 2000AD was back then.  The stuff I always got was in color which didn’t do artists like Ron Smith much justice.   It been another inspiration to get back to the drawing board instead of the computer,  something I’ve been procrastinating on.  Wasn’t I supposed to spend all winter drawing?  Well this time no fooling around.  As soon as the spring Labor season wraps up I’m focused on penciling for EDag 7, Meet the Purple Hairy Man (inspired of course by that old 2000AD short story format) and the third mystery project.   Ambitious as always, yes… but I got a good feeling about it.