Took a couple days to give us our semi-quarterly Kalthar fix.  Ugg the last few months have been one of the most unproductive of the whole effort but I’m going to keep muscling thru as best I can.  I should be able to get thru this last block of pages over the winter…but looking back on the first 20 or so pages of issue 7 I’m finding that nothing is better than 70% complete.  And I still haven’t gotten issues 4,5 &6 print ready.  And until I do that i can’t start setting up at the conventions.  Recall I wanted to get thru issue 7 before I put any focus on selling, but I’m overwhelmed/procrastinating… i guess I’m operating in recession conditions.  Plus I’ve got more ideas for PHM accumulating on the back burner… most of my enthusiasm is going there… but I can’t risk not finishing up EDag by getting too wrapped up in all that.  Thanks for your patience, I didn’t anticipate such a big slump in production!

Last page of our current Kalthar tale… is Abdul really dead!?!  Yikes!