Got some work done on the latest installment of Kalthar!  Another Robert Pious/Harry Shorten piece.  He went mercifully lite on this page here, he must have found all those leopard man spots to be tedious too.  So I have another page to share but I’m going to jump into the retouches for Issue 5 and get it to the printer for a test run.  It looks like its mostly adding blacks.. not too much to redraw.

Otherwise I had a great month of January…is it my favorite work month?  I ended up having to do a lot of drawing to finish up my work on the pencils of these pages but also managed to get the whole crop inked as well.  Gearing up to get these pages colored up before spring.  I’m being slowed up in February by a sprained wrist from a step walking miscue and an abscessed tooth that was slowly infecting my whole body and subsequent root canal.  But I’m starting to recover from all that.