Managed to do a little work on page 28 today on my day off.  Luckily the carpal tunnel issues resolved themselves more or less.  Meanwhile, more challenging work conditions have me burning off the blubber at an astonishing rate!  Presently, during the peak of the work season, I’m averaging about 12.5 miles of walking a day…more or less a marathon every 2 work days!  I’m basically in the best shape of my life.  I hope it rubs of into art making once the season winds down.  I was planning on making part 2 of MTPHM later this summer but i think I’m going to jump right back into Issue 7 and get it finished…maybe save PHM for winter if I can get on a roll.  I’m slowly gearing up to start the crowdfunding campaigns going and I want to get on with the show.  I’ve also had some nice concrete thoughts on my Big Comic Style works recently… plans are always in flux!