Oh my word its been over a month since Ive posted!  You must have thought I’d finally given up.   No, no not yet.  I was lost in the fog of war for a while there…or the haze of war as it were.  I’m a junkie for news, of course, and monitoring daily situation reports from my recliner took precedence of drawing stuff.  Being of Ukrainian decent certainly added to my viewing experience.  Then spring labor season started up again, getting me back into the much needed exercise routine.  Anyway, I’m using April to get some more Kalthar done.  I think I said at some point I would use this season to do the Kalthar lettering….uh, maybe next year.

The Winter drawing efforts for EDag Issue 7 went okay, not great production wise but I came up with some good stuff.  I was able to get the first 20 pages developed to varying degrees, leaving 8 pages to finish up.  I’ll try to do some touch ups thru the spring once I have a new chunk of Kalthar ready.  The plan is still to work on the second half of Meet the Purple Hairy Man in July/August/September, finish drawing #7 in by thanksgiving and then grind out the inks and color renderings post thanksgiving thru winter.  At that point I’ll really have no excuse not to start a crowdfund campaign, right?

Here we have the beginning of our next Kalthar story and i think its the best one yet.  More art from Robert Pious had he’s in his stride at this point.  His pen work is becoming more precise with fewer strange shadows and markings that don’t quite make sense.  Recall that pious was mostly a painter so maybe he had to figure out his approach to starker, less forgiving inks.

Another page next week, for sure!