This time I’ve just been procrastinating about posting.  Work has gone well this spring.  I’ve switch to a 4 day schedule at the day job with longer work days but 3 whole days off to draw every week.  Our plan to burn thru the rest of the Kalthar work has gone off with out a hitch!  As of this writing I’ve got 4 pages to go on the Irv Norvick material and then we’re done!  Well, almost.  I have to go in and fix all the lettering but I don’t imagine it will take more than a half an hour to touch up a page so I’ll try to get thru it fast as possible.  Believe it or not, I’m really looking forward to seeing Kalthar in print.  I’m curious to see how these colors hold.

So, Kalthar art will be done in a week or so.  I’ll try to be more religious about posting every week and getting back to a productive routine.  Will post the remaining kalthar pages and get that stuff to the printer as discussed last week.  Still on track for new Enchanted Dagger Issue 7 appearing this fall!