Needless to say we’re on hiatus, haha.  But fear not, production of Issue #7 is coming along steadily, as evidenced by our painstakingly rendered  buildings above.  I’m committing all of my artwork time to EDAg these days, as opposed to putting effort into Kalthar, which is low impact work but can be time consuming and a bit tedious.  I’ve stuck around my seasonal day job for the fall and haven’t had as much time to devote to art so EDAg takes precedent… so no Kalthar for a while… or should i try to burn through another 6 page story so i have something to post?  Maybe in December…I usually hit a Holiday slowdown… I’ll have to think about it.  Still planning a on taking the winter off job-job to artwork.  I’ll mostly be inking and coloring It looks like, tho i do have a batch of pages to draw still.  I should have the first 8 pages developed by Xmas which if I can color the next ten pages in Jan-Feb, I can try to draw up the last batch in March, etc, etc….