In 2012 when I first started using the computer and Wacom Intuos 3 tablet to make my comics I only had access to Adobe Illustrator 10, circa 2002.  I whined pitifully to my tech buddy, Reza, that I needed Photoshop because Illustrator was too hard.  He dismissed me with a withering shrug.  I took this as a personal challenge and set out to master dreaded Adobe Illustrator.  The result is that this comic book is 95% Illustrator vector.  Even the coloring!  I did eventually track down a copy of Photoshop but I only used it sparingly in post production to strengthen up the black line work.  Once I got the hang of it I mostly liked Illustrator.  It’s not as malleable as Photoshop but it allows you to put a lot of ‘hand’ into the work.   I think it adds to the weirdness.   One of these days I’ll make a tutorial to explain my technique.  Wacom Intuos 3 rules!