Poor ol’ Woolsey gets rolled!  I based Woolsey’s appearance on Professor Calculus from the Tintin comic books.  I showed a mock up of Enchanted Dagger #1 to Jim Starlin at a convention a little while back and he said he looked like Edgar Allen Poe.  I’ll take it!  We also meet a couple more Golden Age Crooks.  Porcupine, who I call Mr. Porq in the comic, appeared in Quality Comics’ 1948 publication Crack Comics (possibly the best title ever).  The guy with the nose is Joe “Rat-O” Ferez, who showed up in Fawcett’s Nickel Comics #40.  I’ve changed up his “story” a bit for my purposes in Enchanted Dagger.  If you want a clue about his eventual role in the book…well…the truth is out there!

Also have to point out more of those Turner paintings that I was bragging about in an earlier post…genuine artistic reproductions!